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1705016220924 24-Sep-2022 26-Oct-2022 procurement of ball and roller combination slewing bearing with external gear teeth for stacker cu tenders
2416417220927 27-Sep-2022 26-Oct-2022 supply of railway track materials tenders
1977716220921 21-Sep-2022 19-Oct-2022 supply of various transformer oil testing equipments for r and d oil testing laboratory tenders
1688817220930 30-Sep-2022 17-Oct-2022 services as charterers agents for agency works and for engaging surveyors at load port tenders
1688717220930 30-Sep-2022 14-Oct-2022 laying of underground adss cable by trenchless method between location 4 & 5 in 400kv nctps-vallur tenders
1904716220929 29-Sep-2022 14-Oct-2022 the supply of 16swg dpc aluminium winding wire for 100kva/ 11kv dts tenders
2021316220926 26-Sep-2022 14-Oct-2022 supply and erection of 250nb & 350nb seamless pipe with coupling sets for unit i to v ash slurry d tenders
1904616220929 29-Sep-2022 13-Oct-2022 replacement of thrust bearings in ct makeup pump no.01 & 02 by decoupling and lifting tenders
1688617220930 30-Sep-2022 13-Oct-2022 stps i operation circle chemical division engaging of external agency on works contract etc tenders
1688517220930 30-Sep-2022 13-Oct-2022 mtps2 comprehensive medical checkup tenders
1688417220930 30-Sep-2022 12-Oct-2022 spares for scrapper feeder main drive gear box internals tenders
1904516220929 29-Sep-2022 12-Oct-2022 mtps-i- boiler rotating parts - units iii & iv preventive & breakdown maintenance works and other tenders
1904416220929 29-Sep-2022 12-Oct-2022 mtps i m-ii circle o & ahs stage-i & ii retrieving the deposited ash along the ash slurry pipe lin tenders
1904316220929 29-Sep-2022 12-Oct-2022 mtps-i - boiler rotating parts - units i & ii - preventive & breakdown maintenance works and other tenders
1904216220929 29-Sep-2022 12-Oct-2022 mtps-i chp-i-cleaning and welding the liner plates / wear plates weakened welding joints tenders
1904116220929 29-Sep-2022 12-Oct-2022 mtps-i-chp-i- preventive maintenance of conveyor 8b1 - replacement of the existing gear box tenders
3721617220927 27-Sep-2022 12-Oct-2022 supply of lt 3 phase 3 wire spiral phase separator tenders
3721517220927 27-Sep-2022 12-Oct-2022 lt 3 phase 4 wire spiral phase separator tenders
1452016220928 28-Sep-2022 12-Oct-2022 supply of silica gel (blue) superior quality transparent deep blue crystals of uniform mesh size ( tenders
1697816220924 24-Sep-2022 12-Oct-2022 supply of sulphuric acid for use tenders
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